Register for Free to Join the Seminar/Lecture

Good News! California and Nevada. The Skin Care Guru Ms. Elvie Pineda will be in Los Angeles California on Dec. 27 and Las Vegas Nevada on Dec. 30 to talk about Skin Care, Skin Whitening and the secrets behind restoring and maintaining skin health regardless of age, gender, race, or skin condition.

This event is an Educational Seminar/Lecture that will give the attendees the opportunity to learn

  • the Golden Rules to a Healthier and more Beautiful Skin
  • the Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Care
  • the importance of finding the right products for the specific type of skin
  • understanding sunblock, sun protection, sunscreen and SPF numbers.
  • knowing certain areas in our body where skin are sensitive and requires extra attention and special treatment
  • knowing the proper way of applying and removing skin care and beauty products to/from our skin

There are a lot of important things to learn about skin care and this is the perfect opportunity for us to learn and be informed at no cost.