On March 10, 1947, as President Manuel Roxas was delivering a speech in Plaza Miranda about the parity rights amendment to the 1935 Constitution, a man lobbed a grenade on the stage, prompting General Mariano Castañeda to kick it away and cover President Roxas with his body. The grenade landed near the audience, killing two and wounding a dozen people. The man, later identified as Julio Guillen, was a barber by occupation.

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March 10 1947 – The attempted assassination of former President Manuel Roxas

5th President of the Philippines
3rd President of the Commonwealth
1st President of the Third Republic

In office
May 28, 1946 – April 15, 1948

Personal details
Born Manuel Roxas y Acuña
January 1, 1892
Capiz (now Roxas City), Capiz Province, Captaincy General of the Philippines
Died April 15, 1948 (aged 56)
Clark Air Base, Philippines
Resting place Manila North Cemetery,Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines
Political party Liberal Party (1945–1948)
Other political
Nacionalista Party (Before 1945)
Spouse(s) Trinidad de Leon
Children Gerardo Roxas
Ruby Roxas
Alma mater University of Manila
University of the Philippines College of Law
Profession Lawyer, Soldier
Religion Roman Catholicism

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