In response to the previous claim of Lipton Green Tea bag (Lemon flavor) with living worms inside the bag, Lipton company immediately posted a video on Youtube showing an official response to the living worms claim.

Lipton proves no worms on Lipton Green Tea bags (Lemon Flavor)

Along with the video posted by Lipton in response to the worm claim previously posted in Youtube, Lipton also posted the message below:

In response to the video of Lipton’s Lemon Green Tea bags, there are no “worms” in our tea bags. These are small lemon flavour pieces which have been mistaken for worms. If you put these lemon flavour pieces in hot water they will dissolve as you can see from this video. The tea is of the highest quality standard and is absolutely safe to consume. If you have any questions, please contact us here (Within KSA: 800 897 1480; Within UAE: 800 53837; Outside UAE: +9714 881 7263).

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