A protest of at least 6,000 mostly farmers in Kidapawan City turned bloody after the protesters and policemen clashed along the national highway, Friday April 01, 2016.

Their land has dried-up so they have no choice but go down to the city and demand for a relief to satisfy their hunger.The farmers barricaded the North Cotabato to Davao Highway on Wednesday morning until Friday . The 3-day barricade aimed at seeking a demand for the North Cotabato local government to release a relief after the province declared a state of calamity brought about by the drought caused by El Nino.

The negotiations failed. The provincial government officials were not able to meet the demands of the farmers so the provincial government unit directed the police to disperse the protesters on a 5-minutes ultimatom. As a result, the protest turned ugly when the protesters didn’t leave and insisted on staying. The dispersal team were given a go signal to push protesters away with shields and batons. The protesters fought back so the police gave warning shots and sprayed water from fire trucks.

The clash between parties went so bad that a number of protesters and policemen were seriously injured. Two of farmers died. One died of strayed bullet when the policemen  fired warning shots and the other farmer died of heat stroke.

Some of the farmers decided to leave for safety and the others chose to stay hoping to bring home rice.

These countrymen of ours are begging for food because they are hungry but sad to say, our government officials cannot provide them with the food they need to sustain life.

What a Shame!!!