A documentary about the Philippines was released by British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC for short. It is a United Kingdom broadcasting company based in London, England, and known to be the world’s oldest national broadcaster and the largest broadcasting company in the world.

As a Filipino, born and raised in this beautiful country, my heart is oozing with too much pride watching a documentary about my country being featured on international Television, telling the world about how beautiful my country is, and the people living in this country.

This documentary features Metro Manila, the heart of the Philippine archipelago. It was probably taken back in the 70s or 80s because the Love Buses were seen in the streets as one of the modes of transportation in the Philippines during the Marcos administration. Did you know that Metro Manila used to have double-decker Love Buses too? How fun and if we will have double-decker buses again. It would help accommodate more commuters and ease congestion inside the trains, buses and jeepneys.

The streets of Metro Manila as seen in this documentary are also clean and tidy. You can not see garbage piled up on the streets. This is because of the Clean & Green project of the former first lady Imelda Marcos where no one was allowed to throw garbage in the streets.

Girls walking holding hands are also highlighted. Back in the day, this scenario is normal for friends but in this generation, it could be given some malice if girls are seen holding HHWW (holding hands while walking).


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