Alma Moreno on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda


This April 2023, Alma Moreno, a Philippine veteran actress, got a chance to get interviewed by the king of Talk Boy Abunda. The first part of this interview is about her beauty queen/actress daughter, Teresita Ssen Marquez, known by her showbiz name Winwyn Marquez from her previous husband Joey Marquez, a Filipino actor, comedian, politician, and former popular professional basketball player.

Alma Moreno is a proud mother to a beauty queen daughter who inherited her height from both parents with her basketball player dad who is 6″.2″ and her celebrity mom who is 5′.6″ tall. Winwyn stands 1 inch taller than her mom at 5′.7″.

In this episode, she was asked by Kuya Boy on how her daughter handles issues about people comparing her daughter to her, a beautiful and sexy mom, and to her popularity as well as an actress and showbiz personality. She revealed that as a mother, she did not fail to give her motherly advice and she always reminds her that she is a beautiful woman, sexy, intelligent and has a strong sex appeal. Shen wants her daughter to know on television how proud she is of her daughter.

Alma Moreno has 7 children namely Mark Fernandez from her first husband Rudy Fernandez, Vandolph from her late husband Dolphy, Winwyn Marquez, Yeoj, VJ, Em-em, and Alfah. She always reminds her children to be strong and never lose hope no matter how hard and difficult the problems come their way. She’s been through all those difficult moments in her life and she’s sharing what she’s learned from those trials and tribulations that came her way over the years.

Alma Moreno is the type of person who handles problems quite well like dealing with her problems for three days then after that, it’s time to move on. She gets her strength and guidance from prayers, and from believing in the importance of happiness. She further explained that if you continue to carry your problems within yourself, it will eventually destroy you, and that if she continued to entertain those problems and hardships, she maybe won’t be able to do her responsibilities to her children as a mother.

Now comes the exciting part of the interview, the Fast Talk with Boy Abunda that lasts for 2 minutes.

Boy Abunda: Meztizo, Moreno?

Alma Moreno: Morena

Boy Abunda: Sasayaw, Aayaw?

Alma Moreno: Sasayaw

Boy Abunda: Tangga, Bongga?

Alma Moreno: Tangga

Boy Abunda: Loveliness, Cleanliness?

Alma Moreno: Loveliness

Boy Abunda: Kailan ka pinaka-lovely

Alma Moreno: Ngayon

Boy Abunda: Kailan ka pinaka-mabait?

Alma Moreno: Palagay ko kahapon

Boy Abunda: Kailan ka pinaka-masungit

Alma Moreno: Siguro last week

Boy Abunda: Kailan ka pinaka-sexy

Alma Moreno: Lagi

Boy Abunda:Sexiest part of your body?

Alma Moreno: Mata

Boy Abunda: What makes a woman sexy?

Alma Moreno: Ugali

Boy Abunda: Magandang mukha, o magandang katawan?

Alma Moreno: Pwede ba both?

Boy Abunda: Yes

Boy Abunda: Health or Wealth?

Alma Moreno: Health

Boy Abunda: Give or take?

Alma Moreno: Give

Boy Abunda: Public service or secret service?

Alma Moreno: Public Service

Boy Abunda: Pamilya, Politika?

Alma Moreno: Pamilya

Boy Abunda: Bravest thing na ginawa mo?

Alma Moreno: Noong unang nag buntis ako kay Mark. Noong kataasan ng career ko.

Boy Abunda: Taas, baba?

Alma Moreno: Taas

Boy Abunda: Sigaw, bulong?

Alma Moreno: Bulong

Boy Abunda:Kain, tulog?

Alma Moreno: Kain

Boy Abunda: Bagay na pinaka-gusto sayo ng mga tao?

Alma Moreno: Pala-smile, totoong tao, hindi plastic

Boy Abunda: Palagay mo, bagay na pinakaayaw sayo ng mga tao?

Alma Moreno: Madaling uminit and ulo

Boy Abunda: Guardian angel ka, sino and babantayan mo?

Alma Moreno: Syempre, mga anak ko

Boy Abunda: Laban na hindi mo papasukin?

Alma Moreno: hhhmmm fast forward

Boy Abunda: Huling pinagdasal mo sa Diyos?

Alma Moreno: Good health

Boy Abunda: Isang salita na maglalarawan sayo?

Alma Moreno: Totoo

Boy Abunda: Lights on, lights off?

Alma Moreno: off

Boy Abunda: Happiness or chocolates?

Alma Moreno: Happiness

Boy Abunda: Best time for happiness?

Alma Moreno: May oras ba yon?

Boy Abunda: Complete the sentence. Loveliness is?

Alma Moreno: Fighter


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