A 13 year old girl was electrocuted after answering a phone call while her cellphone was plugged into the power outlet. As her mother narrated, her daughter was washing the dishes when the phone rang.(This is so true to most of us.) She answered the phone while it was charging. The charger was defective. The  wire was partly exposed.

A 13 year old girl died after using her cellphone while charging.

  • Please, never use the phone while charging.
  • Be sure to unplug the phone before using it to avoid fatal accidents.
  • When the phone is plugged, there is an active current that runs from the outlet to your phone. And when the phone touches your skin, the current might be transmitted to your body.
  • There might be unforeseen phone or charger defects that may cost your life.
  • Parents and teachers must be aware of this and should pass on this information to their children or students if you are a teacher.